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A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.

Bed Bug Inspection and Detection Service

Why Dogs?

Dogs use their exceptional sense of smell to locate bed bugs wherever they may be hiding.

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Personal Inspection for bed bugs can be time consuming, pain staking and expensive. This type of inspection also rarely locates the source of a bed bug infestation. Bed Bugs are hard to spot with the naked eye and first instar nymphs and egg clusters are virtually impossible to see.

Highly trained Elite K9s use their exceptional sense of smell to detect bed bugs wherever they may be hiding. This is the only type of inspection that can accurately detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs. The ability to pinpoint the source of where the bed bugs reside is critical information for proper treatment and control.

Dogs have been used by military and law enforcement agencies for decades to detect bombs and drugs. Dogs have more recently been used to detect termites, carpenter ants, mold, rats, gas leaks, and, in the medical profession, even cancer! Dogs detect things that no human could and are internationally recognized and proven to be the most accurate way of detecting bed bugs.

Our dogs are highly trained using cutting edge training techniques and our internal quality control program includes ongoing training, physical conditioning and plenty of down time and rest to ensure that our dogs are always performing at their best. Our dogs are trained to detect one odour only, meaning our bed bug dogs are trained on bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs only. This ensures that when our dogs alert you know exactly what they have found and where!

Elite K9s can inspect the average apartment, hotel or hospital room in a few minutes and can do so with 95% accuracy. Our dogs can target specific areas and often locate the sources of the infestation which eliminates the need to to treat unaffected areas unnecessarily. Less area treated translates into less money spent on treatment. If the K9 finds bed bugs, you can investigate your treatment options. With early detection there is a greater chance of eradicating the problem which can save you time, resources, energy and money.

If our dogs do not find bed bugs, you will know with greater certainty that your home/building/hotel/hospital etc. is bed bug free, offering peace of mind.

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Our Team

Image Elite Detection Dogs Our Team

Elite's Dodger

Dodger is a German Shepherd that was imported from Slovenia. He comes from working police dog lines. Dodger lives to work and absolutely loves his job. Dodger has been working on a full time basis completing inspections in houses, apartment buildings, retirement homes and corporate buildings with amazing accuracy.

Elite's Ada

Ada is a German Shepherd from North Carolina. Ada is very enthusiastic about her job and enjoys every minute of it. She has amazing hunt drive and is a very thorough worker. Ada has been working on a full time basis sweeping houses, apartment buildings, retirement homes, libraries and corporate buildings with excellent accuracy.

Elite's Trooper

Trooper is a Belgian Malinois that we purchased in New Mexico. She has incredible hunt drive and will search all day! She is environmentally solid and cares for nothing but her work. She is social as well as a very focused a confident dog well balanced dog. Trooper is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long, successful career for this girl.

Elite's Iris

Iris is a Belgian Malinois imported Croatia. Iris is a focused dog and takes her work very seriously. We are very pleased with Iris and she has become a solid member of our team of detection dogs.

Elite's Mici - FOR SALE

Mici is a two year old Belgian Malinois also imported from Croatia. She joined us at the same time as Iris and is an intense and driven dog. Like Iris, Mici is a very serious worker and an absolute joy to handle.

Elite's Zarrey - In Training - Ready to Certify

Zarrey is a Dutch Shepherd and we are thrilled to have her training with us. Zarrey is a natural at tracking and scent detection and is a thrill to train and handle. She is excelling in her training and as fast as we provide challenges, she can solve them. We are very excited about what we see in Zarrey so far and look forward to her joining our working team shortly.

Elite's Zula - In-Training - Ready to Certify

Zula is a Dutch Shepherd who loves to search. Her hunt drive is strong and she would search all day if we let her. Zula is excelling in her training and will be joining our team in the near future.

Elite's Abra - Retired
Elite's Izzy - Retired
Elite's Bric - Retired