Elite Detection Dogs A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.
A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.

Our Company

We are dedicated to enhancing quality of life and our training and quality control are second to none. We are an independent K9 inspection provider who specialize in dog training and behaviour. We do not perform Pest Extermination Services. Elite Detection Dogs are industry leaders in the breeding and training of dogs. We are pleased to offer the service of Bed Bug Inspection / Detection by our team of highly trained and certified dogs and handlers.

Elite Detection Dogs was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 by the South Simcoe business area. Elite has over twenty years experience working with and training dogs. We provide professional, discreet and courteous service to all sectors of the population.

Elite Detection Dogs has set the industry standard for K9 Bed Bug Detection Services.

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  • Our Dogs are WDDO (World Detection Dogs Organization) Certified
  • Third party certified dog and handler teams
  • Variety of breeds of dogs to accommodate all types of jobs
  • Large team of dogs to efficiently inspect big scale projects
  • Internal quality control program
  • Ongoing training of dogs and handlers to ensure they are always performing at the best

Did You Know ?

Over the last couple of years, Toronto Public Health has received an increase in calls regarding bed bugs. It is possible for anyone to become infested with bed bugs, which are small biting insects that multiply quickly and travel easily. An infestation can cause anxiety and a feeling of shame. They can also cause secondary infections, allergic reactions and financial hardship. [ More Info From Toronto Public Health]

Interesting information from CBS News [Watch Video CBS News On Bed Bugs]

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K9 detection team has no limitations in cluttered areas, inside upholstered, mattress seams, beneath carpets, behind baseboards etc.

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Image K9 Dog Working

A human inspection is limited to areas visable to the naked eye. This type of inspection can take hours upon hours costing time and money.

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K9 scent detection can be very effective, but it is important to realize that every bed bug detection team is different. You need to find out exactly what you can expect from the team that is performing the inspection.

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