Elite Detection Dogs A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.
A Division of K9 Pest Management Group Inc.

What We Do !
Bed Bug Inspection / Detection

We provide prompt, professional and discrete K9 Bed Bug Detection Dog services to all of Ontario, with the bulk of handlers working within the Greater Toronto Area.

Our clients include private homes, cottages, apartments/condominiums, offices, hotels, restaurants, libraries, small and large scale industrial areas, educational institutions, student housing, medical facilities, retirement homes, as well as public housing. If you think you have a bed bug problem give us a call.

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Image Multi Unit Dwelling
Bed Bug Detection Dog Specialists
Multi Unit Dwellings

Elite Bed Bug Detection Dogs specializes in fast and accurate inspections of apartments, condominiums, townhouses or rental properties.

Our team of over a dozen certified dogs ensures that dogs are never overworked, always performing at their best. We verify all alerts with a second K9 to confirm the find.

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Image Libary Services
Commercial / Libraries

We have a specialty team of dogs trained to handle the unique challenges and demands of library inspections.

Our dogs can accurately and efficiently inspect stacks and stacks of books in addition the large amounts of chairs and other types of furniture found in libraries and commercial venues.

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Image Private Housing
Private Housing

We cater to a variety of clients. Our highly trained dogs can target specific areas and often locate the source of the infestation which eliminates the need to treat unaffected areas unnecessarily. Saving you time and money ! ! !

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